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Our licensed practitioners are passionate about helping people like you. The staff at Bellis Wellness Clinic are experienced, passionate healers who love passing on their skills and knowledge to their clients. We are a family of qualified professionals who are bound by an undying passion for alternative & complementary medicine and healing. Learn more about our team below.


I’ve been a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine since 2016. I love empowering patients to understand their bodies and discover the gentle power of the healing arts. As a well-renowned Homeopath, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between holistic and western medicine while providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to heal. I am always looking to integrate new treatments and therapies into my practice and believe that continued learning is important for any good Homeopath.

Natural Medicine Practitioner

Doctorate in Natural Medicine

Homeopath Diploma

Naturopath Diploma

I’m an experienced Homeopath who got the Doctorate in Natural Medicine, the Naturopathic Diploma, and the Homeopathic Diploma from both the USA & Canada. Since then, I have firmly believed in taking a holistic approach to healing. Through my practice, I strive to align patients and promote well-being to keep the mind, body, and spirit healthy.

With his teaching, researching, learning and practicing experiences, he developed a holistic and patient-centered approach to treat clients (close to Carl Rogers philosophy of therapy). Empathy, understanding, listening, analysis and keep a professional distance with the patient, with a strong respect of Ethics (A.P.A.), are his key tools.

Professional, dedicated and inspirational teacher since 1998, he has a wide-range of teaching experiences particularly, in University with undergraduate and graduate students. He is proficiency in creating student-centered environment, cooperative learning, and, hopefully, lifelong learner.

During his career, he taught Psychology from College and University to adult (Professional Training).

Research in psychology should think over the boundaries of the psychology sub-disciplines. To understand how the psyche works and how we can help to improve people well-being, we must take in consideration the developmental, clinical, social and organizational dimensions of human people, through a holistic approach of the person. Seeking answers to important, interesting and practice-relevant research question for advancing the field of psychology is the driver behind his passion for research.


Clinical Psychologist

Ph.D. In Psychology


Clinical & Sports Psychologist

Certified Eating Disorders Specialist


Founded in 2016, Bellis Wellness Clinic is a forward-thinking clinic dedicated to healing sickness and promoting healthy lifestyles. Our treatments don’t just focus on your symptoms - they concentrate on the root of the problem. We begin each session with a comprehensive patient review, designed to understand your unique health patterns and behavior. Then we create individualized treatment methods tailor-made for you. We closely track the results and modify treatments as necessary. Schedule a session today to begin your healing process.

The Healthy Living Personal Program

Herbal Medicine

A Healthy Living Program is not similar to a treatment plan. 

A healthy living program (HLP) is defined as a group or individual intervention whose purposes are to provide education, introduce individuals to healthy lifestyle strategies, and support changes that may promote a healthier lifestyle.

As a Holistic Program, your whole person (body & mind) compounds this plan. 

My program provides you healthy lifestyle experiences that focus on your nutrition, physical activity, and resiliency.  This includes digestive trouble management, weight loss, organ & cell detoxification, complementary treatment management, nutritional psychology, relaxation, addictions management, body & mind wellness.

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