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How to Relax with Deep Breathing?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Relaxation Therapy & Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing is a technique used through Relaxation Therapy. This method also named "diaphragmatic breathing" involves taking slow, even, and deep breath. Why is it useful to use this breathing technique when we want to relax? It's simple. Deep breathing allows for a much greater oxygen input into our cells so that they work better. In a stressful event, our breath becomes more anarchic, which causes an imbalance in the proper functioning of our organs. It is therefore important to be able to restore this imbalance as soon as possible so that we do not encounter disabling manifestations such as dizziness, sweating, heaviness in all the muscles, etc. A good controlled breathing will allow regulation by reducing the production of the stress hormone: noradrenaline.

Steps to Deep Breathing

Sit down comfortably.

Place your hands on your abdomen. Ideally, place one hand on your chest, then the other on your belly.

Relax! you need to feel your muscles relax, especially in your shoulders and cervical muscles.

Inhale deeply through the nose and count to 5 - you feel your abdomen inflate - keep air for 4 seconds - then exhale counting to 8.

It is essential to drain your lungs well.

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